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Welcome To Zafar Shafakhana

Zafar Shafakhana was established in 1975 and since considered one of the best Ayurveda Clinic. Zafar Shafakhana offers best formulated unani / ayurvedic products to cure- all female, male health-related problems with the aid of safe, affordable and more important is in a most effective manner. Zafar Shafakhana Well known for its oldest and most effective form of unani / ayurvedic treatment. Our products are the key cause to facilitate us to nurture quick and extend across the entire country. We have a wide range of unani / ayurvedic formulas and we believe in the promotion of health and well-being with the aim to provide high-quality unani / ayurvedic treatment for preventing various health problems.

Do you ever things why are relationships so hard today? Why are we failing at love all the time? While you trying so hard. Now day’s sex becomes a big issue and approx. 70% of men facing erection problem in their sexual life.


Herbal treatment is more than 4000 years old science of health care. It highly effective and provide a long time relief in a much safer way. There is no side effect of unani / ayurvedic treatment and the best place to get rid of your all health-related problems is “Zafar Shafakhana”.

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Naubat Khana Rd, near Airtel office, Mohalla Pachdara, Amroha, Uttar Pradesh 244221



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